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Tourism a Global Passport to Peace

Peace is the purity of mind that sees all the people around, with harmony, equality, sincerity, affection, and brotherhood, full of positivity and growth prospects.

To unite is the biggest achievement if the union is worth contributing to the noble goals. Uniting to the soul, uniting for the mission, uniting with a common vision and uniting for multiple reasons.

Tourism is one such reason that unites a person to another professionally, socially in cultural bonds, religious bonds, entertainment bonds and business bonds and so on. No two persons can find comfort talking to each other if a level of understanding, a level of respect, a level of gratitude, does not establish with each other. It is important to establish state of euphoria in the mind not only in the beginning level but till the end and why it should have an end; it should be an ongoing process for development of humanity along with tourism. Tourism helps in framing positive environment in a following manner-

– Tourism employs people

– Tourism will create necessary funds to improve the destroyed infrastructures

– By talking to tourists, locals will be able speak about their conflict experiences

– Museums can be created and help confront both tourists and locals with the taboos of conflict and atrocities

– New beautiful environments will be created for tourists, something that locals can also benefit from

– Tourists will help give local people a better understanding of our western society

– Locals will educate tourists about the conflict and build an awareness

– With tourism there is a need for education of local people and that in return will positively influence someone’s chances on the labor market.

– There are always influential people among tourists and some might come back an investor help set up other community projects (education, environment, health, etc)

When a person travel he carries not only himself to a different land but also his gestures, manners, systems, virtues, rituals to that place and when a person comes back from a place he is not just taking back himself but also the good and bad experience with him that can bring a big transformation in him altogether.The touring is no more a relaxing activity in itself it has changed and has become a great responsibility in itself.

For a developing nation tourism is the major source of foreign exchange earnings and prosperity. Tourism is simply travelling, meeting people and interacting with them. It is affecting human behaviour which could lead to positive and negative impact on host and guest countries.

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