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Masters in Education & Counselling Management-ITFT College Chandigarh

See your future in assisting people and solving their problems, which gives you contentment .Counselling is the best field for you .Counselling field is growing, yielding many opportunities for counselors with a variety of training specialties across the world. The field is also incredibly diverse, with counselors working in numerous settings and with a wide range of potential clients. If you are emotionally astute, have good listening skills, and are interested in psychology or psychopatholgy, you may find a perfect career in one of the many sub fields of counseling.

Counselling courses change lives of many people . Counselors help people make the most of their lives in the face of unique challenges and adversity. Broadly defined, a counselor is any trained and licensed professional who provides mental health, behavioral, or emotional assistance to individual clients in need. Counselors develop relationships with their clients, provide emotional support, and recommend problem-solving approaches and relationship-building techniques. Counseling is a dynamic and rewarding profession that offers the rare opportunity to do work of profound significance on a daily basis.

Counselors can specialize in a variety of subjects:

  • Marriage and family
  • Addictions
  • School guidance
  • Mental health in both clinical and outpatient settings
  • Community health and nutrition
  • Career assistance.

They may also specialize in rehabilitation and physical and mental disability assistance, or perform crisis counseling for people dealing with recent trauma.

Here in ITFT, we provide  Masters in Education & Counselling Management (MECM)Education & Counseling management is an emerging & a challenging field. It ensures a rewarding career as a professional & an entrepreneur. You would be trained to empower others to develop a flexible & an optimistic perspective towards things. By understanding the psyche of adolescents (as students), would make it easier for you in capacity of a teacher or an educationist to develop & deliver the content in an effective & efficient manner. In addition to it you will be transforming lives as counselors, teachers, educationists, consultants, social workers, behavioural trainer, private practioners & many other opportunities.


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Top Tech Advancements Changing the Face of Education

There is no doubt that technology has become heavily integrated into our everyday lives. There is almost no escaping it. We rely on our cell phones and laptops for everything whether it be finding a recipe for dinner or researching the hottest stocks.

Education has also been heavily influenced by the integration of technology as it is fast becoming the only way to reach students. In addition to the use and promotion of several LMS, there have been several other tech advancements that have forever changed the face of education. The top 5 of these tech advancements include:

Social Media

While the use of social media in classrooms has raised a bit of alarm, the overall benefits of using social media for outweigh the detriments. By using social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, in the classroom teachers have seen an increase in grades and classroom participation – even less sociable students have become more participatory. As social media becomes more prevalent in the everyday lives of students, teachers will have to integrate the platforms into the classroom if they wish to keep their students engaged.

Online Classrooms

Not everyone has the schedule that fits into the traditional university setting. For years, those that were unable to obtain a college degree through traditional means were simply left to do without. However, since the start of online degree programs, thousands have been able to pursue the degrees they want on their own time, affording them the opportunity to pursue more financially stable degrees.


Classrooms are becoming more technologically involved than ever before. In fact, most students can’t even remember walking in to a classroom that didn’t have a computer or some piece of technology that was used on a regular basis. Tablets not only offer students the chance to browse for information in quick fashions, but they also allow them to more easily collaborate on projects and become more engaged in their learning process. They have become exceptional tools that soon every classroom will strive to have.


Schools have long battled the use of cell phones in school; however, the smartphone, like the tablet, have had different receptions. In addition to providing access to social media platforms which allow students to more freely interact, they also provide easy access to useful information which betters a child’s overall learning experience. They also offer numerous apps designed to help students better budget their time and create more efficient schedules to complete their school work.

Free Online Resources

Access to education online has by far been the biggest advancement in education. Like never before, students are able to access any type of information about any subject matter they choose. Wikipedia, YouTube, and numerous others forums have bettered the learning experience and allowed student access to resources necessary to supplement their own education.

As we continue to build upon our technological age, the use of the internet and different gadgets in the classroom will only become more and more prevalent. The classrooms that survive and thrive will be those that aren’t afraid to push the envelope and integrate current technologies into their curriculum

ITFT College offers Masters in Education & Counselling Management. You would be trained to empower others to develop a flexible & an optimistic perspective towards things.

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