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Travel Tourism, Hospitality and Aviation Industry in India

Travel Tourism, Hospitality and Aviation Industry as a subject is new. These three are fast emerging subjects and a promising Service Industry.

However, the fulfilment of the goal of the subject remained far behind due to shortages of required human resources. Several Vocational Institutions are backbone in contributing to fill up the gap of the‘Urgent Industry Needs and Snail Pace Supplies of Qualified Human Resources’. On the other hand, in country like India, the unemployment rate and development disparity is increasing due to insufficient and incompetent government policy which gives thrust to mushrooming growth of private players in grooming human resources as per the Industry’s needs.

As per the reports, in 2015 the travel and tourism sector contributed Rs8.22 trillion or 7% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) and 37.4 million jobs—almost 9% of total employment which is awesomely becoming a giant employment provider in developing country like India.

It is predicted to rise by 6.5 % P.A. for at-least decade upto Rs.4337.8 Billion in 2025 (6.9% growth). The reports also claimed that this sector has the potential to provide 46 Million employments to India’s economy. The government policy will also play an important role to fulfil this prediction. Yes, India has the resources and the potential to create services and employment in this sector. Several potential tourist destinations remain untouched and unknown to potential tourist because of the lack of support and policies from government. But, the concern is whether the ruling government and locals extends their helping hands through proper policies and goals to achieve as expected and consciously look into in implementation of the same. The judicious exploitation of the natural gifts of the nation needs a conscious and sincere efforts.

Therefore, at this juncture, where unemployment leads to strife and disturbs peaceful co-existence of nation,Travel Tourism, Hospitality and Aviationas anemployment driven subject, along with Vocational Institution plays a pivotal role in transforming unskilled labor to SKILLED human resource, providing services to customers and employing the mass.


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The Indian Tourism and Hospitality Industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth

among the services sector in India. Travel and tourism has become one of the pillars in the

growth of GDP of the country. Tourism in India is a potential game changer. It is a sun rise

industry, an employment generator, a significant source of foreign exchange for the country and

an economic activity that helps local and host communities. Travel & Tourism sector contributes

7% to the Indian GDP & 8% to the total employment of country. India is a tourism product

which is unparalleled in its beauty, uniqueness, rich culture and history has been aggressively

pursuing the promotion of tourism both internationally as well as in the domestic market.

Indian tourism industry is thriving due to an increase in foreign tourist arrivals and greater

number of Indians travelling to domestic destinations than before. In the past few years the real

growth has come from the domestic sector as during 2014 India witnessed foreign Tourist

Arrivals (FTAs)  of 74.62 lakh compared to 68.48 Lakhs FTA in 2013. India is at 41st rank in

terms of international tourism across the globe.

Travel and tourism sector’s contribution to capital investment is projected to grow at 6.5 per cent

per annum during 2013-2023, above the global average of five per cent. The Ministry of Tourism

promotes the country’s various tourism products through its tactile campaigns under the

Incredible India brand- both for international as well as domestic markets. The budget allocated

for the Domestic Promotion & Publicity and Overseas Promotion & Publicity including

Marketing Development stood at INR 1.1 billion (USD 17.73 million) and INR 3.5 billion (USD

56.41 million) for the financial year 2013-14.

To quote figures about hospitality industry, 1.30 lakh hotel rooms are needed to cater to the

projected 5m tourists this year, while the country today has only 84,000 operational rooms.

Overall out of aviation, tourism & hospitality industry, hospitality sector has maximum job

opportunities followed by aviation & tourism sector respectively.


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Six Technology Trends Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry

  • Cloud / Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Mobility Technology
  • Social Media
  • Personalized systems
  • Integration
  • Globalisation


Exceeding Expectations: Catering to Next Generation Guests (Some of the technology trends shaping the hospitality industry)


  • Latest Devices:People are bringing more devices into hotels than ever before – tablets, laptops, etc. Hotels should strive to provide enough bandwidth to accommodate these many devices, though tiered Wi-Fi services are becoming quite common (with ‘basic’ being for browsing and email, and ‘paid’ being for streaming video).
  • Wi-Fi:Providing solid and good internet connectivity in every property will be a MUST
  • Language Translating Mobile Apps:Apps will be increasingly useful in facilitating international meetings and travel by translating text instantaneously (Word Lens)
  • Guest service apps for phones: are going to become integral to both large and small hotels. They’ll be able to perform a wide array of tasks – they can reserve rooms, order room service, make spa appointments, control the drapes and thermostat, provide reminders for guests, and even unlock the door.
  • JW Marriot, Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG),ITC Hotels have started using Mobile apps such as ‘”Hotel Tonight App” which offer 3 hotel option per night (stated by JW Marriot) from 12 PM to 2 AM to book room and secure deal. Another one is Win IT which gives user location by using GPS feature, checks hotel facilities
  • Hi Tech Accessories in Guest room:Guestrooms may become enhanced with some pretty amazing features – interactive bathroom mirrors that can be used as touchscreens to check email and weather, Hi-Can beds, and TV displays projected on walls or glass screens.
  • Social Media:The hotel industry obviously needs to get networking – using social media platforms to engage with customers, clients, and potential guests.
  • Automatic Door opernes through Mobile Apps: Keyless entry via mobile apps is now a reality. New properties in the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in the United States are making use of a mobile app – OpenWays – which lets guests bypass the front desk and use their mobile phones as a mobile key.
  • Property Management System: Amadeus, launched the Amadeus Hotel Platform, a centralized above-property solution that will transform the way hotels do business. Built around one comprehensive database, and available as a Software as a Service model (SaaS) it combines central reservation, property management and global distribution systems into one fully integrated platform. Offering a single and real-time view of the entire business, Amadeus Hotel Platform allows hoteliers to deliver innovative and new guest services, generate additional revenues and also quickly react to market changes as new trends, behaviors and demands emerge.
  • Smart Phones:Another example of cutting-edge innovation is the smart phone-based OpenWays technology – If the guest is arriving, hotel can text the guest, ‘Welcome,’”. “If the guest will tell to hotel staff when he land, we’ll check you in and send your room assignment, and you can go straight to your room and use your smartphone as your room key.
  • Latest iris scan technology. Guest have no key, no card, nothing needed to open the door except looking into a camera
  • High Tech Lobby:Large interactive screens in the lobby that enable guests to find a meeting room in the hotel, a restaurant in the neighborhood or an event at a nearby venue and print out directions
  • Room sensors: are devices that detects changes in quantities and provides a corresponding output, generally as an electrical or optical signal. In the hospitality industry the room sensors helps in various ways like maintaining the temperature of the rooms, transmitting information to the front desk, etc. The company offers various products which include a combination of RFID locks and the use of the RFID key cards for triggering the energy saver.
  • Interactive Customer Experience technology for the iPad .can use it to program wake up calls, order room service, order your car from valet parking or check your bill before you check out. But you can also use it to source Time Out to find out what’s going on in town or where to eat, or Open Table to make a restaurant reservation. It’s just an easy way to do a lot of the things you ordinarily do in a hotel on a single device.

With smart phones penetration reaching 10 million last year in India, one out of three urban Indian internet user has access to mobile phone applications.

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Technology and Innovation in Indian Hotel Industry

Hospitality industry is a customer-driven industry. The hotels need to offer services based on customer feedback.
Entering a sub-continental market the size of India growing at 13% per annum is a tempting prospect for any multinational hotel chain but it poses management challenges too.Therefore, the first challenge is to understand the expectations of consumers and their behavior.With 1.25 billion people united by diversity of languages, religious and social identities, Indian consumers may not appear a homogenous group.
Technology is playing a bigger role in designing a hotel. Earlier an interior decorator would never call an IT guy, but now things are different with technology in the lobby, at the reception, guestroom.

Marketing and brand building strategies for Indian markets will need to be savvy enough to capitalise on the behaviour of these digitally connected consumers. The use of SMS as a transactional instrument or viral marketing is phenomenal in India. Inevitably the hotels attract young and fresh graduates who in turn are well in tune with the modern upwardly mobile middle class business and professional consumers.
Strategic investment in branding, human capital and information systems suited to local needs and aspirations in India is an opportunity enveloped in transparent challenge.
A large number of Indian hospitality customers have an insatiable appetite for bandwidth fed by professional and social needs. They do not, therefore, like hotels without internet access and they hate when wi-fi is charged for!

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Expansion of Tourism Sector

Tourism is a swiftly expanding sector in Punjab. Focusing on existing rich culture of the State, Punjab Government has decided to give a major fillip to tourism and promote rural tourism in the State. For the purpose, the Government has identified a cluster of four villages namely Katli, Bahadarpur, TibbaTapparian and Ranjitpura Bas in Rupnagar district which would be developed with the entire infrastructure needed to provide a new experience to the tourists visiting the State.

In order to tap the potential, there is a dire need to focus on certain key issues such as participation of local government, efficient tourism promotion and development programs, cooperation between local government and entrepreneurs and community support for tourism development are essential for successful tourism in Punjab.

Punjab tourism showed healthy 5.29 per cent growth in 2011 thanks to strong domestic arrivals. Punjab welcomed 10.11 million tourists in 2011 comparing to 10.05 million in 2010.

The growth for Punjab tourism primary came from domestic sector. There was 5 per cent increase in domestic tourists to Punjab.In 2010 Punjab saw 10.58 million domestic tourists in the state and in 2011 the number grew to 16.42 million. Foreign tourist arrivals increased merely 13,000 to 150,000 in 2011 comparing to 137,000 in 2010.

In past few years Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board has taken several steps to boost tourism in Punjab. Tourism board has chalked out plan to increase tourist activity in the state. Punjab is now one of the popular tourist destination in India.The construction of state-of-the-art ‘Virasat-e-Khalsa’ Conceived as a repository of the rich heritage of the Khalsa, showcasing the old history and culture of Punjab, the heritage complex has been built on a 100-acre site to emphasise the eternal message of the Sikh gurus. the budget of Rs 71.76 crore by Punjab government for the construction of state-of-the-art Virasat-e-Khalsa phase-II project .

Tallest victory tower ‘FatehBurj’ in the country is in Punjab. The 328-ft tower is dedicated to Baba Banda Singh Bahadur who had the distinction of establishing the Sikh rule in India in 1711. At 328-ft tall, it is taller than QutubMinar.

Majority of tourists to Punjab are pilgrims visiting Golden Temple in Amritsar. The Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board wants to promote other activities in the state like farm tourism, freedom trail that includes JaliawalaBagh etc.

Punjab is also trying to woo more pilgrims with the help of ‘Sikh circuit’ that includes several important pilgrim sites for Sikhs in the country. Punjab Heritage and Tourism Promotion Board along with Indian Railways is also planning to launch a train that will take you to major Sikh pilgrimage in the state.

Punjab Government has approved the ‘Sikh Circuit’ tourism plan of Rs. 250 crore for developing prominent Sikh religious places in the state.This project which would be undertaken on Central Financial Assistance (CFA) and PPP mode aims at developing the surroundings of prominent Sikh religious places in a holistic manner. all the three Sikh Takhts namely Sri Akal Takht, Sri Kesgarh Sahib and Dam Dama Sahib besides other gurdawaras and Sikh historic places at Amritsar, Anandpur Sahib, Fatehgarh Sahib, SultanpurLodhi, Dera Baba Nanak, ChhaparChiri and others would be covered under this Sikh Circuit tourism in the state for their further development and beautification.

The Punjab government has approved a project worth Rs 15 crore to turn Kartarpur (Jalandhar district) into a tourist destination under the 12th Five Year Plan, for the state’s ongoing ‘Sikh Circuit’ tourism plans. The project is formulated to widen the integrated infrastructure for religious tourism development and improve connectivity to the identified religious circuits.

There is also scope for heritage and cultural tourism. With the 262 acres Medicity coming up in Mohali there is a huge potential for medical tourism. The state is promoting farm tourism with good accessibility, already having 22 units operational.

There are plans to develop Mohali and Amritsar as trade fair hubs with the development of convention centres and trade fair halls. An area of 2000 acres around RanjitSagar Dam is available for tourism projects. lands will be provided for hotels to be developed on the islands on the lake. this area will be develop as a luxury tourism destination in a proper planned manner .

Entertainment city being developed near Ludhiana. Spread over 4400 acres it is intended to be an entertainment hub of north India.

Of the future projects -the Mohali, Amritsar and Machhiwala are the state’s three international airports. There is a domestic airport coming up in Bhatinda, the Ludhiana and Pathankot airports are being expanded. The state has a high road density of 133 km per 100 sq km.

Punjab government is putting up a lot of efforts to bring different varities of tourism with good infrastructure in the state but what is required is a effective tourism policy and awareness about the potential and large variety of tourism product ranging from art and craft to sports tourism, religious tourism to medical tourism, Adventure tourism to Lesiure, Rural to MICE tourism thereby attracting majority of different tourist in the state.

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ITFT College Chandigarh- Best Airlines Tourism& Hospitality Institute

Institute of technology and future management trends also called as ITFT. It imparting extensive and valuable education and practical knowledge in students and providing valuable education to students.

The management college Chandigarh runs regular as well as distance learning center program. The college is affiliated with Punjab technical university, Jalandhar.

We offer regular as well as distance learning program.

Several advantages of this management college

ITFT is the only institute which provides actual industry exposure to students during their course duration.

The management college has placed more than 30,000 students in national as well in international companies.

We are the only institute that provides add on specializations which provide actual Industry exposure to students during their course duration


In this education group every student is given the opportunity of making the best of brain wave and intellectual nurturing. We provide several amenities like LCD projector, multimedia equipments, ultra modern computer labs and the likes.


The classrooms are equipped with integrated audio and visual teaching aids for lectures. For the betterment of the students we provide career counseling for right candidate. When choosing a career you must consult your teachers or seniors which are better line. We aim at putting the students well on their way to fulfilling their career dreams and gaining meaningful employment.


The Airlines Hospitality and Tourism Management are the major international industries essential for National & Regional Economic Development. It is specially designed modules on Business Communication & Employability Skills, groom the students & make them employable according to present industry requirements.

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Hospitality and Tourism College in Chandigarh

Hospitality management is the study of hospitality industry. A degree in hospitality management is awarded by hospitality management. Hospitality management studies cover management of hospitality in hotels, restaurants, country clubs etc.


An education in hospitality and management students with essential management skills and knowledge that will qualify them to become general managers, hotel and motel managers, assistant managers, front office managers, housekeeping managers etc.

One can find different careers in travel and tourism such as:

Reservation as well as counter staff

Tour planners, Tour guides ,Air hostess etc.

Students who want to do Travel & Tourism jobs have a better possibility if they possess certain qualities like a friendly-nature and outgoing qualities. He/she should be well versed in English. Students  must have complete  knowledge of Indian culture, custom and facilities available for tourists.

ITFT is one such hotel management institute which offers hospitality and management course with Punjab technical university which offers education with employment.

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