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Bachelors in Tourism and Travel Mansgement | ITFT College

Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management, a 4-year full-time Regular is a Professional Degree which is recognised globally. This Graduate Program has 8 Semesters including 2 Semesters (IVth and VIIth) which are meant for On-The-Job Training, Skill Development and Project Work. This Degree Program aims at laying a very strong foundation for Tourism & Travel Industry and covers all the facets of not only Tourism and Travel Management but also that of Airlines and Hospitality Management.



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Advertisement Trends

It’s no secret that the ad tech industry has been changing at an increasingly rapid rate over the last few years. As marketers look to the year ahead and consider all the tools in their arsenal, change will be coming faster than ever. India’s purchasing power has improved significantly since the turn of the millennium. People are more aware of the products they buy, and marketers are constantly trying to provide the best deals to their current and potential clients. The advertising market is expected to grow to Rs 37,000 crore in 2014 from Rs 31,877 crore. The industry notched its first double-digit growth in three years in 2013 at 11.1 per cent.

  • In 2013, print emerged as the biggest contributor to the total advertising pie at 41.3 percent.
  • Magazines are projected to remain laggards, growing 5 per cent this year
  • TV trailing behind the print at 39 per cent, Advertising on television is projected to grow 15 per cent this year despite the introduction of a regulatory cap on the maximum advertising time on channels
  • Almost 75 per cent of the total TV advertising is concentrated over just threecategories – FMCG, Telecom and Auto
  • Radio had a good year in 2013, ringing in 18 per cent growth on the back of higher inventory sales across stations. It is expected to grow 15 per cent this year, helped by phase three FM radio rollout that will attract new local advertisers.
  • The digital medium is projected to remain the fastest growing segment, although the rate of growth may slip slightly to 29.5 per cent this year from 32.4 per cent last year. Outdoor advertising is projected to grow 8.2 per cent this year with transit media.4

The country’s consumer markets are projected to increase exponentially during 2005–2025, and in this period the total consumption in India is expected to grow fourfold, making it the world’s fifth largest consumer market by 2025. MGI expects India’s real gross domestic product (GDP) to increase at 7.3 per cent per annum through to 2025.

The biggest beneficiary of advertising spends in 2014 will be digital advertising which is expected to grow by 35 per cent over the Rs 3,042 crore spent in 2013, as per a report named ‘This Year, Next Year 2014’ by Group M, WPP group’s media planning and media buying division. The report states that TV advertising will also see a growth of 12.8 per cent in 2014, with print witnessing eight per cent growth as compared to four per cent in 2013. (, Advertising and Marketing Industry in India, June, 2014)

It’s 2016; media consumption in India has gone through many disruptive changes. We now have over 350 million internet users in India and about 80 per cent of the population is active through their smartphone devices. Online advertising in India is expected to grow at 40 per cent in FY 2013-’14 to reach Rs 2,938crore, according to the Digital Advertising in India report released by IAMAI and IMRB International. ( ,Article – Indian online ads )

India by the Numbers

  • 130 million: that’s the current estimate of mobile internet users in India
  • 250 million: expected number of Indian mobile internet users by 2015
  • 30% : ad inventory growth on the BuzzCity Network in India over the past year
  • 861 million: total number of mobile phones in India (second highest in the world, behind China)
  • 10% : the percentage of Indian mobile users who now have smartphones

It is expected that there will be more smartphones than humans around the world, and with consumers becoming constantly connected via mobile it has a great offering for marketers.(, Future of Mobile Marketing and Advertising in India).

FMCG sector accounted for 29% of the spends in 2013, followed by consumer durables which accounted for 22% of the spends in 2013 and retail which accounted for 12% of the spends in 2013.(, GroupM Says Digital Advertising In India Up 30% In 2013; Rs 3402 Cr Expected In 2014, Feb 12th, 2014)

Digital Investments, the world’s largest online retailer, has launched an advertising campaign in India. The company plans to spend about Rs 100–150 crore (US$ 16.68–25.02 million) on advertising in FY 2014–15

-Flipkart is planning a major push in its fashion lifestyle category that has brought with it a new demographic of online shoppers, including younger buyers in the age group of 20–27 years and those in tier II and III cities. (org, Advertising and Marketing Industry in India, June, 2014)


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Welcome to ITFT College – New Chandigarh Campus

ITFT’s predominant focus revolves around coaching its students to keep up with the domestic and global competitive market! We like to mention ourselves as an educational sanctuary cultivating budding professionals for the real corporate world

The ITFT Education Group predominantly offers various Bachelor’s and Master’s University Degree courses related to the Service Industry segments like Airlines, Tourism, Hospitality, Media Entertainment, IT, Management, Events, Commerce etc. Besides we are actively involved in various Institutional Social Responsibility programmes for rural , tribal and weaker section Youth , Defence personnel resettlement , Urban and Poverty Alleviation, Vocational Training, Women and Child Development Programme, NRI studies-Pre Departure Training, Corporate Training and Workshops, and many other need based programmes and activities.

Top Tech Advancements Changing the Face of Education

There is no doubt that technology has become heavily integrated into our everyday lives. There is almost no escaping it. We rely on our cell phones and laptops for everything whether it be finding a recipe for dinner or researching the hottest stocks.

Education has also been heavily influenced by the integration of technology as it is fast becoming the only way to reach students. In addition to the use and promotion of several LMS, there have been several other tech advancements that have forever changed the face of education. The top 5 of these tech advancements include:

Social Media

While the use of social media in classrooms has raised a bit of alarm, the overall benefits of using social media for outweigh the detriments. By using social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, in the classroom teachers have seen an increase in grades and classroom participation – even less sociable students have become more participatory. As social media becomes more prevalent in the everyday lives of students, teachers will have to integrate the platforms into the classroom if they wish to keep their students engaged.

Online Classrooms

Not everyone has the schedule that fits into the traditional university setting. For years, those that were unable to obtain a college degree through traditional means were simply left to do without. However, since the start of online degree programs, thousands have been able to pursue the degrees they want on their own time, affording them the opportunity to pursue more financially stable degrees.


Classrooms are becoming more technologically involved than ever before. In fact, most students can’t even remember walking in to a classroom that didn’t have a computer or some piece of technology that was used on a regular basis. Tablets not only offer students the chance to browse for information in quick fashions, but they also allow them to more easily collaborate on projects and become more engaged in their learning process. They have become exceptional tools that soon every classroom will strive to have.


Schools have long battled the use of cell phones in school; however, the smartphone, like the tablet, have had different receptions. In addition to providing access to social media platforms which allow students to more freely interact, they also provide easy access to useful information which betters a child’s overall learning experience. They also offer numerous apps designed to help students better budget their time and create more efficient schedules to complete their school work.

Free Online Resources

Access to education online has by far been the biggest advancement in education. Like never before, students are able to access any type of information about any subject matter they choose. Wikipedia, YouTube, and numerous others forums have bettered the learning experience and allowed student access to resources necessary to supplement their own education.

As we continue to build upon our technological age, the use of the internet and different gadgets in the classroom will only become more and more prevalent. The classrooms that survive and thrive will be those that aren’t afraid to push the envelope and integrate current technologies into their curriculum

ITFT College offers Masters in Education & Counselling Management. You would be trained to empower others to develop a flexible & an optimistic perspective towards things.

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Admission Open in ITFT College Chandigarh

The ITFT Education Group predominantly offers various Bachelor’s and Master’s University Degree courses   related to the Service Industry segments like Airlines, Tourism, Hospitality,Health-Spa & Resort Management, Media Entertainment, IT, Management, Rural Services etc.

We at the ITFT Education Group- New Chandigarh focus on Service Industry Research,Academics and Skills development with the most valuable inputs from the Corporate sector to overcome skills gaps and ready to induct trained youth as per Corporate requirements.


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Tourism a Global Passport to Peace

Peace is the purity of mind that sees all the people around, with harmony, equality, sincerity, affection, and brotherhood, full of positivity and growth prospects.

To unite is the biggest achievement if the union is worth contributing to the noble goals. Uniting to the soul, uniting for the mission, uniting with a common vision and uniting for multiple reasons.

Tourism is one such reason that unites a person to another professionally, socially in cultural bonds, religious bonds, entertainment bonds and business bonds and so on. No two persons can find comfort talking to each other if a level of understanding, a level of respect, a level of gratitude, does not establish with each other. It is important to establish state of euphoria in the mind not only in the beginning level but till the end and why it should have an end; it should be an ongoing process for development of humanity along with tourism. Tourism helps in framing positive environment in a following manner-

– Tourism employs people

– Tourism will create necessary funds to improve the destroyed infrastructures

– By talking to tourists, locals will be able speak about their conflict experiences

– Museums can be created and help confront both tourists and locals with the taboos of conflict and atrocities

– New beautiful environments will be created for tourists, something that locals can also benefit from

– Tourists will help give local people a better understanding of our western society

– Locals will educate tourists about the conflict and build an awareness

– With tourism there is a need for education of local people and that in return will positively influence someone’s chances on the labor market.

– There are always influential people among tourists and some might come back an investor help set up other community projects (education, environment, health, etc)

When a person travel he carries not only himself to a different land but also his gestures, manners, systems, virtues, rituals to that place and when a person comes back from a place he is not just taking back himself but also the good and bad experience with him that can bring a big transformation in him altogether.The touring is no more a relaxing activity in itself it has changed and has become a great responsibility in itself.

For a developing nation tourism is the major source of foreign exchange earnings and prosperity. Tourism is simply travelling, meeting people and interacting with them. It is affecting human behaviour which could lead to positive and negative impact on host and guest countries.

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Expansion of Hospitality Sector

• The tourism and hospitality sector is among the top 10 sectors in India to attract the highest foreign direct investment (FDI). In the period April 2000 – August 2014, this sector attracted around US$ 7,441 million of FDI, according to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

• A high and positive growth of 12.5 per cent was registered in foreign tourist visits (FTVs) to north-eastern states of India during 2012 from 2011, which further rose by more than 100 per cent to register a growth of 27.9 per cent during 2013 from 2012. Among these north-eastern states, Manipur recorded the highest FTVs followed by Arunachal Pradesh and then Tripura.

  • FTAs in India witnessed a growth of 12.9 per cent in the period July 2013 – July 2014, according to data received from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. The FTAs during the period January–July 2014 stood at 4.11 million as compared to 3.87 million during the corresponding period of 2013, registering a growth of 4.4 per cent. USA contributed the highest number to foreign arrivals in India followed by Bangladesh and the UK.
  • Foreign exchange earnings (FEE) during January–July 2014 stood at US$ 11.055 billion as compared to US$ 10.85 billion during the same period last year. FEE during July, 2014 stood at Rs 10,336 crore (US$ 1.68 billion) compared to Rs 8,620 crore (US$ 1.41 billion) in July, 2013.

Expansion plans for global hotel major players in India

Brand Name Brand present in india Existing hotels Planned hotel


By New brands being launched in India

Hotels Group


Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts,

Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental

12 150 2020 Holiday Inn express
Wyndham Hotels Ramada, Days Inn, Dream 14 60-70 2017 Howard Johnson





Courtyard, Renaissance, JWMarriott, Marriott, Marriott Hotels& convention Centre, Marriott

resort & Spa, Marriott

18 80-100 2015 Fairfield, Ritz



Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Hilton

Garden Inn, Double Tree by Hilton,

Hampton by Hilton

8 50-60 2016 Hilton’s full-service brands-Hilton

and Double Tree, as well as its

mid-market, focused-service

Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton.

The company also plans to

introduce its luxury Conrad and

Waldorf Astoria brands

Accor Group Ibis, Mercure and Novotel 13 90-100 2015 Formule 1, Sofitel and Pullman
Choice Hotels



Quality, Comfort, Clarion 27 100 Next 5-7


Sleep Inn, Cambria Suites, Econo


Best Western



Best Western, Best Western Plus 34 66 2017 Best Premier