Article- Career in the Hospitality Industry

From the renaissance era to modern era of 21st century the inception of the hospitality concept surfaced and became a commercial endeavor. Now it’s not limited to just a room and board, the industry has morphed into a multitrillion dollar global enterprise.

The hospitality industry encompasses primarily of lodging, food service, and travel and tourism sector. The lodging segment includes hotels, motels, casinos, resorts, bed and breakfast operations. The food service operations consists of quick service restaurants, institutional food service operations, full-service restaurants, lodging food service just to name a few. The travel and tourism sector includes airlines, cruise lines, tour operations, and tourist bureaus. Other areas of the hospitality industry include event venues, conference and convention centers, consulting firms, and clubs.

Before intruding into industry one need to be clear about industry, its work culture and most important about one’s own personality that will he/she be able to cope up with things?

Are you ready to take the plunge in the hospitality industry?

Do you have a vibrant, outgoing, and upbeat personality?

Do you have the drive and energy to persevere?

Are you a leader?

Are you a team player?

Do you feel a sense of fulfillment when extending a helping hand to others?

Do you enjoy meeting people from different walks of life?

Do you love to travel?

Do you acclimatize well to change?

There are some of the necessary personality traits, skills, and qualities to thrive in this line of work. No two days are alike in the hospitality industry; each day brings an array of challenges. Hospitality employees strive to anticipate customer needs, exceed expectations, and pursue excellence. These service qualities are vital for hospitality professionals to exude in the field.

  • There are numerous career choices in the hospitality industry. Typically, entry level positions are procured in operations. A lodging sector entry level position may be attained in front office or food and beverage operations. These positions are also available in other areas such as sales and marketing, sales and catering, finance and accounting, or human resource departments.
  • Middle management opportunities in the lodging and food service sector include executive positions, and typically are titled Assistant Manager or Supervisor.
  • In recent years, there is a growing demand for nouveau careers within the industry; titles such as revenue managers, asset managers, real estate developers, sustainability managers, event planners, search engine optimization and social media specialists are on the rise.
  • Climbing up the career ladder from middle management to upper management positions means attaining a job title, namely, a Director, General Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President or even President. These positions require a number of years of work experience. Planning, coordinating, communicating, and directing, controlling and decision making are management skills expected of most middle and senior managers.

So, hospitality sector opens a wide range of job opportunities from graduates to post graduates, from fresher’s to experienced in this perennial industry.

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