Economic Benefits of Cinematic Tourism in Punjab

Economic benefits resulting from cinematic tourism can take a number of forms including:


Associated directly, such as tour guide or location manager VIP guest relation executive in hotels etc or in supporting industries like food production or retail suppliers.

  1. Increased spending

Increased spending in the community generated from visitors or tourism businesses,crew team can directly and indirectly promote the viability of local businesses.

  1. Economic diversification

Tourism operators can play a role in highlighting the broad prosperity that tourism can bring to a community and will contribute to a greater understanding and respect for the value of tourism.

Economic diversification is, for many communities, an insurance policy against hard times. By offering an additional means of income, tourism can support a community when a traditional industry is under financial pressure, particularly where that community relies heavily on a single industry.

  1. Infrastructure

Infrastructure including roads, parks, and other public spaces can be developed and improved both for visitors and local residents through increased tourism activity in a region. Tourism tends to encourage the development of multiple-use infrastructure that benefits the host community, including various means of transports, health care facilities, and sports centers, in addition to the hotels and high-end restaurants that cater to foreign visitors. The development of infrastructure has in turn induced the development of other directly productive activities.

Tourism can be a significant or even an essential part of the local economy. Because environment is a basic component of the tourism industry’s assets, tourism revenues are often used to measure the economic value of protected areas. There are other local revenues that are not easily quantified, as not all tourist expenditures are formally registered in the macro-economic statistics. Part of the tourism income comes from informal employment, such as street vendors and informal guides. The positive side of informal or unreported employment is that the money is returned to the local economy and has a great multiplier effect as it is spent over and over again. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that tourism generates an indirect contribution equal to 100 % of direct tourism expenditures.

Cinema is often welcome as an economy booster and generator of job markets. Any assessments of the local and national impact of ‘cinematic tourism’ have to be structurally and contextually specific: they have to explore the position commodified cultures occupy in collective imaginations outside their cradle, and the historical and economic relationship of the nation-states that ‘host’ them with the rest of the world.


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