Tourism of Punjab

Punjab is situated in northwestern India.Punjab is one of the most prosperous states in India. Largely agricultural, it was the area where modern methods of agriculture pesticides, fertilizers, canal-irrigation and farm machinery were used in the 1960s and 1970s to increase crop yields, bringing about a ‘Green Revolution’. Today, Punjab accounts for a large share of India’s wheat, rice and milk production.Punjab is the only state in India where followers of the Sikh religion are a majority. Pujabis are also known for their large-scale emigration to other parts of India and the world, especially to UK and Canada.

Punjab has a strong agricultural base and the highest consumer index. Punjab also has the highest infrastructure index. Punjab covers only two per cent of the land areas of the country but is responsible for supplying 60 per cent of the requirement for wheat and rice of the country.

The services sector has performed significantly better and has come out to be as a major segment in contributing to its economic growth. Services sector has marked an impressive growth of more than 9% during FY2011. The contribution of services sector in GSDP (constant prices) of Punjab was around 42% during FY2011.

The state has a great potential for tourism. Tourism industry has been accorded as one of the key thrust areas in the state. With rich cultural tradition and heritage coupled with good infrastructure, the state has emerged as one of the favorable tourist destination. The state has provided various incentives under its Tourism policy such as tax incentives, single window clearance facility and provision of loans for Tourism related projects.

The government of Punjab has set constituted the Punjab Heritage & Tourism Promotion Board under chairmanship of Chief Minister. The state government has allocated grant of Rs. 100 crore, for preservation and maintenance of heritage buildings in annual budget for this fiscal.

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