Bollywood & 21st Century

Mumbai, India’s entertainment capital and home to Bollywood, is one of the most prolific centers of film production in the world. Bollywood is not a name for the Indian filmmaking industry; it is a name for the country’s Hindi film industry. It is dream world for many strugglers who want to enter in this industry. Mumbai is the city of name,fame,money.  Films are made in various other languages in India, and each language’s industry carries its own name (such as “Tollywood” and “Kollywood”). According to study done by Assocham, “The Indian film industry” revenue is expected to grow by 56 per cent to Rs 12,800 crore by 2015, from Rs 8,190 crore last year due to increasing digitalisation of the sector. The digital revolution is visibly impacting the distribution and exhibition of films in India as the industry marches towards completion of 100 years with revenue projection of Rs 12,800 crore by 2015.   6 Bollywood award functions are totally glamorized and commercialized these days. The television rights for such shows come expensive. Apart from these rights, channels make other investments too: a curtain raiser episode and a red carpet special and several allied properties that help generate buzz and provide a month-long build-up to the final telecast. Every show today features top stars as hosts, large dance crews, gaudy costumes, pyrotechnics and at least one actor, often Akshay Kumar, making an entry aerially or on a motorbike. There is simply too much money riding on the show; it can’t afford to be an intellectual discourse. These film awards include National Film Awards, Filmfare Awards, IIFA Awards, Stardust Awards, Star Screen Awards, Zee Cine Awards and many more. Amongst all those film awards, National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards are the most prestigious and oldest award ceremonies. Both of them started in 1954. Filmfare awards are also referred as Indian Oscars i.e. similar to Oscar Awards in Hollywood. However the National Film awards are fetched by the Government of India under Directorate of Film Festivals. 8a Along with Filmfare and National Film Award, the other film awards which are held in India are Star Screen Awards and Stardust Awards. However, there are some award ceremonies which are held overseas (in different countries each year) to promote Indian films worldwide. Those include IIFA Awards, Zee Cine Awards and Global Indian Film Awards. These ceremonies are arranged lavishly with big sets, lavish music, beautiful colors and biggest Bollywood stars dancing on Bollywood numbers. Now a day, these award ceremonies are becoming the biggest attraction for Bollywood film lovers in abroad. Interesting Facts about Bollywood

  • Production-wise, Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world with over 1000 films produced every year.
  • Its movies are watched by almost 14 million Indians everyday.
  • Raja Harishchandra (1913) was the first silent feature film of India.
  • ‘Alam Ara’ – the first Indian sound film was released in 1931.
  • Kisan Kanya (1937) was the first colored movie produced in India.
  • ‘Kagaz ke Phool’ (1959) was the first cinemascope film of Bollywood.
  • The first 70 MM film of Bollywood was ‘Around the World’.
  • The first 3D movie in Hindi was ‘Shiva ka Insaaf’.
  • ‘Noorjahan’ (1931) was the first Indian English film.
  • Every year, Bollywood movies are celebrated in no less than 6 award functions.

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