Indian Hotels diversifying to offer Health and Spa Packages

Health and fitness are rapidly becoming priorities for executives and professionals in India, and hotels are now beginning to offer wellness packages for daily customers, aside from the usual services for their overnight guests.

JW Marriott in Mumbai recently employed a fitness trainer and provides customized nutrition meals. It has also launched a fitness program that is 70 percent based on right food and 30 percent on right exercise. Costing INR 20,000 (330 USD) a day, the program includes accommodation, a customized training program and nutrition meals, as well as spa therapies.

The ITC Gardenia Hotel in Bangalore goes an extra mile in its wellness approach. It gives corporate guests the option of cycling to meetings, takes them on walks in the nearby Cubbon Park, and has a yoga instructor who teaches surya namaskar and asanas. Guests are taught traditional meditation/breathing techniques and yoga asanas in the midst of the park in the hotel.

Gateway Hotels in Chennai provides a yoga mat and CD with yoga lessons in its rooms. The hotel has also crafted an active menu for its health-conscious millennial guests. With increasing travel and health consciousness, a lot of travelers want to strike a balance between healthy eating and indulgence at the hotel. Sheraton Bangalore has introducing the concept of ‘Fit Meetings’, a unique meeting offering that includes breathing techniques and customizable group workout options in between meetings where a ‘Fit meeting champion’ and a trainer explain basic exercises during short breaks.

The global luxury wellness tourism segment is a 439 billion USD market. That accounts for over one in seven of all tourist dollars spent. The industry is set to grow to 678.5 billion USD by 2017. In India, the wellness industry is expected to touch INR 100,000 crore (17 billion USD) by 2015, growing 15 percent-17 percent every year.

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