Best Masters of Information Technology Institute- ITFT College Chandigarh

The masters of information technology also called as Msc-IT. It is a two year post graduate program done after bachelors.

This program is centered firmly on information technology (IT) principles and technologies.

It is designed for students with various backgrounds such as:

  • students with Bachelor degrees in IT who want to refine and consolidate their knowledge, or seek an advanced degree for career enhancement, and
  • students with different Bachelor degrees (other than IT), with various levels of IT experience, who understand the increased demand for IT occupations and want to shift their career path.

The curriculum provides the student with in-depth expertise in the most popular computer languages, knowledge of accounting techniques, system analysis and design, network architecture and design, management software development and testing.

There are six semesters

In the first semester the students are taught

Computer fundamentals

Program in c

C++ &Data structures

Web technologies

Operating system

Communication& soft skills

C++ lab


Second semester the students are taught:

Computer network

Relational data base management system (RDMS)

Software engineering and project management

Visual basic programming

Basics of cyber law / networking

The third semester covers

C++ with net

    Operating System Administration

    Advance Web Development

    Java Programming

    Software Lab-II (C# & Java)

    Soft Lab-III (Web Design & WML)

    Minor Project 3 months (Networking/ Software Development/ Ethical Hacking/


Semester 4 covers


    Linux Administration

    Database Administration

    Management Information Systems

    Advanced Java Programming

    Major Projects: (Networking/ Software Development/ Ethical Hacking/ Sem-IV Cyber Forensic)

    Software Lab-IV (Network Administration)

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