Chandigarh Hospitality and Tourism Insitute-ITFT College

Hospitality management is the study of hospitality industry. It is the study of the hospitality industry and management needs of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other institutions in the same field.

After completing your degree in hospitality management there are lots of job openings in India as well in abroad.  Hotels, restaurants, airlines, tourism etc. are some of the examples.

The main function of this management is to manage day to day events, financial, personnel, customer care, attending guests etc. This industry is growing very rapidly.

By doing this course you will able to know how to deal with people, attend guests etc.

Career opportunities after hospitality management:-


Airlines industry

Travel industry

Event management

Hotels: after successful completion of hospitality management one can get job in hotels. One has the chance to get job in various categories like front office, housekeeping

Airlines: after completion of your hospitality management one can get job in airlines. One can join as airline crew, air hostess. Some of them can also join as ground Staff or as Public Relationship officers. The candidate should have done degree or diploma in hospitality management.

Travel and tourism: this is another career to be joined after hospitality management. One can be directors, Managing travel agents, Youth and children activities directors, and Recreation managers.

Event management: this is another profession to be joined. Event planning involves weddings, fundraisers, company conventions, concerts, and theater production. There are number of job titles job profiles like venue managers, house manages, technical supervisors, production managers and events managers.

By attending hospitality management you need to know how to deal with people. If you choose to apply a hospitality management certificate, you get to learn all the basic operations and systems regarding the course.

When choosing a hospitality management there are few things one should remember

First thing you should remember is that the course content and assessments involved have different levels.

In hospitality management there are different modules

  1. Beginner module hospitality management certificate.
  2. Intermediate module Hospitality Management Diploma
  3. Advanced module advanced hospitality management diploma.

Today a degree in the hospitality management is very popular among mid-career professionals and one of the few programs that are worldwide respected.

Hospitality management jobs provides tips  to build customer traffic, operate efficient food and beverage services, and make sure guests are satisfied in every manner.


for more information visit hospitality and tourism institute in chandigarh


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